Hibiscus is a vacation house and it is also a B&B, it’s very close to the beach (just about 200 metres far away) with spectacular views of the sea.
These original villas have been built for enjoyment and relax, as well.

The apartments are furnished in a simple and functional way, with wide and comfortable well furnished verandas. The apartments are available all year long (winter included). All houses include air conditioners, heaters and fireplaces.

Thanks to the mild climate and very frequent sunny days, it’s very pleasant to go for walks along the beaches or just to enjoy the simple beauty of the area (with magnificent countryside views).

Hibiscus is surrounded by a large Mediterranean garden, where, in a corner under the olive trees, you can enjoy a pleasant outdoor barbecue, mixing together, both, American and Italian traditions. The house has a high standard of comforts, which makes of your vacation a possible combination of relax and serenity.